L'Araignée (The Spider) is a large scale sculpture made out of corten steel and succulents. This living sculpture is meant for outdoor public spaces.

Music: SKATEBÄRD "Data Italia"

Film Production: Olivier Bonin MADNOMAD FILMS

San Francisco-based French artist ALEXIS LAURENT has embarked on a new endeavor and given his history, extravagant and successful are likely to be the key elements. Preparing his 9,000 square foot studio for public consumption on a limited basis is his plan; garnering critical international attention for his paintings and sculptures is his ultimate goal. Music by Devotchka (The Winner Is) from "Little Miss Sunshine". Film by Olivier Bonin. Madnomad Films ©2010

Alexis Laurent is a contemporary art sculptor based in San Francisco. In 2009 after years of working in 2D in his paintings, he went 3D, opened a brand new gallery that he also uses as his studio. Then he was invited to exhibit solo in a 1800m2 (18,000 sqft) space. In 3 months he produced 7 new large scale sculptures, with a theme relating metal to plants. Here’s a video of his November 2010 show in Houston, TX.